Since 2003

Ali Bakhtiar Designs is known as one of the world leading design houses, dedicated to designing and implementing the most luxurious weddings, corporate, private and social events on a global level. Being a pioneer of bespoke design, each project is characterized by an unparalleled combination of detailing and unmatched quality of service.

Ali Bakhtiar Designs


Ali Behnam-Bakhtiar’s creative career spans more than 20 years.

Ali Behnam-Bakhtiar is an architectural, interior, event and wedding designer. He founded Ali Bakhtiar Designs in 1997.

Ali Bakhtiar Designs was initially an architecture and interior design business – specialising in palaces, castles and other large private residences, in and around Asia; India, Malaysia, Hong Kong, Brunei. This is until 2003, when Ali was officially commissioned to design his first royal wedding, whilst working on an interior project. This large scale, highly imaginative wedding was the starting point for Ali Behnam Bakhtiar’s now hugely successful career in prestige weddings and events.

Since then, the company, based in France, Dubai, Turkey and Italy, designs bespoke events, enchanting weddings and inspiring interiors worldwide. With an unmatched quality of service, it is known as one of the world leading design houses, a pioneer of bespoke design, dedicated to designing and implementing the most luxurious weddings, corporate, private and social events. With private clients all over the world, Ali’s portfolio is vast and diverse. Amongst others, it includes global brands and celebrities, Royals, leading corporates, and luxury hospitality.


Personalised perfection

Known for mixing essential tradition and creative forward thinking, Ali Behnam Bakhtiar designs and produces temporary and permanent spaces as architectural displays of timeless perfection. Ali starts the process with in depth research, considering each project completely unique and every client personally. Ali’s clients know him to be deeply involved in all the work he takes on, to always exceed expectations, and to be on top of everything from start to end.

Working with an array of local specialists, both his architectural and interior designs and his wedding/event designs are renown for their unprecedented attention to detail. Ali combines boundless creativity and flawless production at the highest level. His designs are built to last; to be appreciated and admired in either memory or material, for generations to come.

Ali was born in Tehran on 15 May 1974 to two aristocratic Iranian dynasties. Through his mother, Firouzeh Bakhtiar, he descends from Iran’s former minister of war General Sardar Mohtashem Bakhtiar, Empress Soraya Esfandiary-Bakhtiari, and the late Iranian Prime Minister Shapour Bakhtiar. Through his father, Behzad Hezarkhani Behnam, he is a descendent of the Qajar monarch. An Iranian/French native, Ali grew up in France, where he studied architecture, interior design and fashion at Parsons, École des Beaux-Arts, The American University of Paris and Esmod. During his extensive studies, he worked with John Galliano at Dior, Karl Lagerfeld at Chanel, and Christian La Croix, after which he continued to dip his toe in the fashion world, leading several fashion brands.


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